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Hire Blasters Available

If you are new to Gelball,  come and see us at our public session and learn more about how it works. 

It only takes a few minutes to learn how the equipment works and our friendly staff will be on the range to help!

What ages are suitable for Gelball?

Gelball is great fun for almost all ages. Depending on the maturity of the child, anyone from the age of 7 is comfortable playing.

Does it hurt?

Gelball’s are small, gel-like balls that are hard enough to be fired through a blaster but can be easily squashed between your fingers.

Our range has plenty of space and providing the players do not shoot each other from close range, shots generally feel like a ‘flick’.

Some players bring higher powered gel blasters which give them more range. These blasters are more powerful and have the capacity to hurt if shot too close.

Players are to adhere to the ‘bang bang’ rule – where you are to say the words ‘bang bang’ rather than shoot from less than 1-2 meters away if they mange to sneak up on another player.

If you do get shot at close range by another player, please let our referees know!

Do I need protective gear?

Safety glasses are essential. No player will be allowed on the range without suitable eye protection – a pair or normal safety glasses will do!

Some players choose to play in full face masks and children often feel more comfortable in these.

You may also choose to wear loose, baggy clothes which dampen the effect of getting hit by a gelball.


Are there firing limits?

330 FPS

35 RPS

Please talk to our staff onsite if you need to know more.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes, there is usually a sausage sizzle and canned drinks for sale.

How can I pay?

Eftpos is available. We also accept cash.

Am I covered by insurance?

Yes, it is included in your Registration – ask us for details. Conditions apply.

Can I make a birthday or group booking?

Absolutely! we have some amazing packages that are perfect for kids, adults or corporates.
Please call our bookings team on 0478 826 646 for fast, personalised service or email [email protected]


0478 826 646


221 Grindle Rd,
Wacol QLD 4076


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